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Who is Heidi?
Heidi is an expert in the field of health – she studied orthomolecular medicine and has helped hundreds of people reaching their goals!
It’s a tremendous passion she and her team members share and they will do anything within their power to assist you on your journey.
Heidi believes that:
1. If we focus on making you progress by 1% every day, you will achieve your goals REGARDLESS of what your current circumstances look like.
2. It’s easy, but for most people there is just too much distraction – be selective about who you trust and listen to. Unfortunately, not everyone has their best interest for you.


3. You can do and accomplish a lot on your own, but with motivated people around you it gets so much easier – it’s as different as night and day
4. So many people want to reach goals, whether it is about health, starting a business, love and relationships etc. How INCREDIBLY awesome would it be to just make it ALL happen!?
I would like to invite you to look around on my website. There is a lot of free stuff created for you and we have cool quizzes, classes and courses you can participate in!
NEVER EVER give up on your dreams and the things you fantasize about – because it’s the biggest shame to do so!
Have fun here!

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What Our Students Have to Say

I got to know heidinu through a seminar in which she managed to captivate me with her expertise and enthusiasm. I can highly recommend her course and I benefit a lot from it myself. Keep it up Heidi ... you are on the right track.
Richard Scholten
From de Lutte, The Netherlands
Heidi has helped me a lot to get my lifestyle in order. She is very knowledgeable about what is good and how to live a balanced and energetic life. You're an angel...
Donyaa Mir
From Lahore, Pakistan