What Are The 10 Best Flat Belly Tips? – The Ultimate Guide

So you’ve been trying to get a flat belly or six pack for quite some time now – you see others do it and it seems like everyone makes it look so easy. But for some reason, success keeps eluding you.

Every time you get close to getting that six pack, something happens and you end up back where you started. But don’t panic – every person who tried knows this problem so you’re fine! Only this time, you are going to do it right!

Because this time you’re going to be armed with the same tips, tricks and secrets that the professional athletes and other experienced people, like personal trainers know.

So give these tips a try and find out if they will work for you too!

Tip 1: the most important one! Do NOT think that it will be easy… BUT! You should not even want it to be easy! Learn to embrace the challenge, because at the end of the day, you want to be proud of the things you are capable of! It brings you self-respect and you will feel so proud of yourself!

P.S. remember yourself of your goals as often as you can – see yourself having it, feel yourself being it. I love my new book called: ” Think Yourself Successful’. I sell it for only $ 12,99 at my web shop.


Tip 2: understand WHY you should NOT do your groceries on an empty stomach – marketers are obviously, very smart! They do not only use incredible tasty looking images to get your intention, but also the smell of fresh bread can lure you into buying something you didn’t even want at first! The hungrier you are, the more difficult it can become to stick to your healthy eating pattern.

You might be interested in the meal plans I made – with the plans you get a grocery list so that you will be supplied in foods for the whole week! This way you can avoid easily having to go to the supermarket while you’re hungry!

Tip 3: avoid having to cook whenever you feel really tired… I  ALWAYS tell my clients to have 1 or 2 meals done for these kind of moment. My meal plans also play in on that, because you will prepare meals that include several portions. Super handy!

Tip 4: be sure to take your time when you eat your meal. I know that most of us live pretty damn busy lives, but you also do not want to hurt your intestines by for example, not chewing your foods well.

Bonus Tip: for losing weight even faster, understand that it takes 20 minutes before your brain receives the signals that you’re ‘full’. This is also another important reason for eating slowly, or at least, really just taking your time to eat.

Tip 5: don’t  let your healthy lifestyle take a back seat… Before you know it, you create bad habits (again), while you want to keep your focus on maintaining / creating awesome ones!

Tip 5: do schedule your workouts throughout the week and make sure you prioritize them. This is something you do FOR YOU and only FOR YOU!

If you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will.  Next to that, prepare your foods. When I look at my life, I think I can say working out and preparing foods are the best things people can do for themselves.

P.S. I love doing Tabatha workouts. An 8-week program will be launched on my website soon.

Tip 6: Allow yourself to have 1 bigger or 2 smaller cheat meals a week and ENJOY them to the max!

Extra bonus tip: imagine, you ate too much during a cheat meal. For example, you ate 2 pizza’s instead of 1. What you can do to get those calories of as soon as possible, is living of fruits the day after that cheat meal. Works perfectly for me, but if you REALLY want to have a six pack 7 days a week, this tactic might not be your favorite.

Tip 7: let your body tell you when it’s hungry. Trust yourself – your body is very capable of letting you know when it needs something. Meal plans are awesome to use as a guidance, but in the end, your body knows itself better than anyone or anything in this world.

Tip 9: Take your time with losing weight. It will not happen in a straight line and it will NOT happen overnight. Enjoy your way of living and make a commitment to it for the rest of your life.

Don’t worry, there are PLENTY of great recipes and meal plans that can help you to prevent diet-boredom!

I am even working on a website in which people can get access to a new recipe every single day!

Let me know when you’re interested – when more people are interested, I will definitely prioritize setting this website up.

Tip 10: try not to compare yourself to others ever okay? Your body is unique as well as your metabolism. That means that some people can gain weight quicker than others, some build muscles faster than others etc.

In the end, nothing really matters, but you being happy with the choices you make and living in the here and now! Be proud of yourself – success WILL COME!

P.S. your body is a miracle, don’t you agree? Please share with us your struggles / successes or maybe even other tips.

Would be great to help and motivate each other here!

Much love, Heidi

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