Health Mastery + JOY!


NOTE: We are currently experiencing software issues with the online course. We will do our best to resolve this as soon as possible. You can already purchase the course if you wish, but you cannot take the course yet.

During the “Health Mastery + JOY!” course you will learn:

  1. How to master your psychology
  2. Digestion and the absorption process
  3. Anti-aging and antioxidants: how to keep the amount of free radicals in your body to an absolute minimum
  4. A deeper understanding of your brain: habit building, stress management and mental change
  5. How to build a super hero strong immune system
  6. Your blueprint – a holistic approach to reaching your health goals
  7. Master your hormones
  8. It’s all about energy – mastering your mitochondria
  9. Simple diet trics for faster results
  10. Diets that enhance neurological health


  1. 8 Steps to an optimized sleeping pattern
  2. A FREE! Meal plan of choice* (vegan or clean standard) –> a keto and a Paleo meal plan will be available soon as well

* You can have a meal plan for free after 31 days of participating in the course (we give a money back guarantee within 30 days and we don’t want people to just purchase the course to get a free meal plan).


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